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Sunisa bb cream liquid Foundation Cream with the advantage of concealing blemishes, color correction, and an air cushion mushroom shape, a waterproof foundation.

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What happens if I use BB cream everyday?

BB creams or Beauty balms can be used daily as it provides light coverage

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Open It

Open the cover and remove the film

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Configure it

Use a small mushroom puff and softly press the correct volume of substantial uniformly on the face

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Yay! Done.

Follow the direction of facial anatomy, pat uniformly spaced from inside out, from top to bottom, to produce flawless, watery skin

Is CC cream better than BB cream?

While similar, CC cream offers more coverage than BB cream. Use BB cream for days you need more hydration, want lighter coverage and a natural look, and grab CC cream when you want more of a color payoff as well as color correction.

SUNISA FOUNDATION Mushroom Headed Air CC Cream Review


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Air Cushion BB CC Cream

SUNISA Foundation



SUNISA Foundation

Air Cushion BB CC Cream


It is 100% original water proof liquid foundation base of a SUNISA with the shade of Natural & Ivory



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    I recently purchased this for my Mom and she’s very happy with it. I had to guess on the color and she said it was a great choice. The price and the coverage were good as well. I would recommend this foundation

    Sunisa Foundation Edittion

    it is a great product. I saw it used by a person on YouTube who suggested it for even, matte, lasting,coverage for older skin. I tried it and have been using it ever since. I do use a primer under it. I have noticed it does not settle in fine lines, and does not irate my eyes. I have allergic reactions to eye make-up sometimes and this product does not cause any reactions.

    Sunisa Foundation Edittion

    I’ve been using this every since I was in high school and started doing makeup! This item came relatively quickly. It has good coverage and leaves your skin looking smooth and clear. I tend to leave my products on my face for a couple of seconds before blending so it can oxidize and cover more! I’ve noticed that this method, for me, works well with the foundation

    Sunisa Foundation Edittion


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    What is Sunisa cream used for?

    SUNISA CC and BB Water Proof Foundation Cream with Air Cushion Mushroom used under-eye circles. ... Improves complexion and skin tone. ... Treats dry skin.

    Does Sunisa foundation have SPF?

    In addition, its sun protection index is SPF50+/PA+++, which protects your skin from the sun.

    Is Sunisa Foundation Chinese?

    sunisa foundation 100% original made in china.


    Each team member has been handpicked and mentored by founder of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, in order to provide a trusted, highly experienced group of aesthetic specialists dedicated to providing the very best innovative techniques, technologies and patient care that non-surgical cosmetic medicine can offer

    Sunisa Foundation Edittion

    Gary Elliott

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Sunisa Foundation Edittion

    Jeffrey Allen

    Co-Founder and CTO

    Sunisa Foundation Edittion

    Ms. Vivian Wang

    Sales Manager

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    Sunisa Foundation EdittionSunisa Foundation Edittion
    Sunisa Foundation Edittion