Who We Are?

Hunan Haoyue International Trade Co., Ltd is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Hunan Zhonghong Investment Management Co., Ltd. Based on the large-scale infrastructure of Central China Yuetang International Trading City, Haoyue Intl seeks to develop e-commerce business while focusing on nurturing e-commerce related professionals, incubating enterprise as well as creating an ecosystem thus establishing a featured E-commerce Industrial Park.

Continuing to uphold business philosophy---Care You More Than You Do, we are committed to provide high-quality products and services through high-level formula and systematic quality control.


To Contact SUNIA:

Email: admin@sunisa-foundation.com

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Phone: 86-18373270135

Email: nika@cnhowyou.com

ADD: No.-0102023, Bldg. A2, Central China Yuetang International Trading City, #88 Furong Avenue, Hetang Street, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, China


Haoyue Intl makes great effort to explore international market for Beauty & Personal Care and Household Cleaning. Established in 1999 and covering an area of 5,000sqm, Haoyue Intl's factory is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and production lines. Relying on its R&D specialists, main products range from shampoo, hair conditioner, face cleaner and hand cream to liquid laundry detergent. Haoyue Intl's factory strictly controls and records production processes, which includes batching, stirring, semi-product test, ejection of compact, washing bottles, cleaning & disinfection, filling, sampling inspection, packing and storage. It is our duty to let our customers use our products with confidence. Over 20 years of experience in production and R&D has cultivated multiple independent brands, such as Golky and FND. Moreover, OEM/OBM/ODM services are available. Long-term business relations with you are highly expected to build.